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Paper Mache Dry Fruit Bowl

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Product Features:

Material Base:     Paper.

Dimensions:         6 inch X 6 inch X 5 inch.

Color:                     Assorted.

Style:                      Bowl.

Weight:                  200 grams.

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Material Base:     Paper.
Dimensions:         6 inch X 6 inch X 5 inch.
Color:                     Assorted.
Style:                      Bowl.
Weight:                  200 grams.

The Kashmir is famous for world renowned paper mache art, this wonderful art has attracted the art lovers all over the world.This is all because of the contribution of indigenous Kashmiri artisan's i.e., there honesty,hard work,dedication,experience and other valuable things that this elite craft is world recognized.

The Paper mache gift box is one of the attributes of this elite art, the craftsmen craft their imagination on such boxes, different color shades are used, motfis are drawn on such boxes making use of brushes.The boxes are made of paper pulp which involves the soaking or boiling of paper then after glue is added, finally role of intricate art of craft men comes into play.This art is all about the imagination of craftsmen, the artisan's craft there imagination and by adding the different shades of life makes this fine art a live experience. This all needs the hard work,patience and dedication and the whole process is time consuming as it explains the vibrant shades of life.

As the Kashmir is famous for elite art and craft, this beautiful art describes the attributes of Kashmiri artisan’s, their craftsmen ship.Designed keeping in view the taste of art lovers, the Elite Dealz offers you this wonderful piece of art.

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