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Walnut Horse Sculpture

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Material Base:   Walnut Wood.             

Dimensions:      9 inch X 3 inchX 10 inch

Type:                    Statue.

Weight :               0.650 KG

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Material Base:      Walnut Wood.
Dimensions:         9 inch X 3 inchX 10 inch.
Type:                      Horse Statue.
Weight:                 0.650 KG.

The Kashmir is famous for Walnut industry. The elite craft is the brand of walnut industry.The artisans craft their imagination, their thought on walnut wood with intricate patterns of art, thus representing unique brand, renowned in the world. The artisans put their dedication, hardwork, honestly and work with zeal and thus come with the finished product which is unquie and not comparable, as there is no comparision to this particular elite art. Different types of designs are made by the artisans like the world famous Chinar design, flower design like rose and lotus,different patterns of motifs, different sculpture design like elephant, different types of birds, dragon etc., in short catering the every aspect and represent it to the world.

The Walnut, the genus Juglans belongs to Family Juglandaceae.Kashmir region is the only part in entire India where wallnut tress are grown. usually two types of same trees are found :

(i) One bearing the fruit and same wood is fruit used for this elite craft.
(ii) Zangul, the another one not bearing the fruit and less stronger compared to first one.

Price depends on various factors like thickness,quality and amount of carving done on wood.Thus prices varies from item to item and same depends upon said factors.

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